What Our Client Partners Say

We Treat Our Clients Like Partners

We have helped more than 300 client partners within our first 3 years, from around the world. Our approach in coaching is not a one-off transaction. It is a partnership where we go through the journey of career transformation, together.

Our client partners have landed jobs at top corporations including: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Clifford Chance, Roche, Novartis, BBC,  Estee Lauder, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PWC, McKinsey & Company, Bank of China, United Nations, National Health Service UK, World Health Organisation and TikTok.

Jimmy W.

Optimistic and Knowledgeable Senior Sales and Business Development Manager

All started off from a casual chat with my lovely neighbour at the beginning, Richard was recommended to me when I desperately needed career advice and support last year.One of Richard's greatest strengths is his person-to-person strategy. He can quickly understand a person's strengths and weaknesses, providing an effective and productive formula for him/her to tackle challenges upon various stages of encounter. I also appreciate the encouragement and motivation Richard gave me on how to tactically & tactfully demonstrate my skills to others while at the same time, reminding me of certain weaknesses of myself that could be appreciated as positive attributes in some situations.Though my coaching sessions have not come to an end yet, I have already learned a lot and have become more aware of the increasing importance of building social networks from a broad scope of people with different indu backgrounds. I am sure I can continuously learn from him and others through their advice and ideas.

Sam Saleh

Global Director | Quality and Regulatory Leader

Throughout my journey, Richard exhibited exceptional professionalism, punctuality, and genuine care for my success. His ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner made the process both enjoyable and productive. Moreover, his positive attitude and unwavering support were instrumental in keeping me motivated and focused on my goals.I cannot recommend Richard highly enough for anyone seeking career guidance and support. His deep industry knowledge, meticulous approach, and genuine commitment to his clients make him an invaluable asset.

Kris Liang

Corporate-Startup Innovation l Supply Chain Specialist

Richard has been exceptional throughout my professional journey. He understands my unique needs and has tailored his coaching approach accordingly. Richard provides valuable insights and expertise and educates me about various career-related aspects, helping me gain a deeper understanding of my goals and aspirations.His proactive and supportive nature motivates me to take the necessary steps towards achieving my career objectives. Richard's responsiveness to my questions and concerns further reinforces his dedication to my success.I wholeheartedly recommend Richard's services. His expertise, personalized approach, and unwavering support have made a significant impact on my professional growth.

Dr. Manal Shams

Health and Wellbeing Leader, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Richard was recommended to me at the beginning of 2023 and I am very pleased he was! He has been key in both helping me realise my vision of what I wanted in my career, and then partnering with me to achieve it. His expertise of global careers markets is second to none, and his support, patience and willingness to share knowledge and his network have been key to helping me broaden my perspectives and make good decisions. His contributions have had a transformative effect on my personal and professional journey and I highly recommend him.

Konrad Pyrz

Multi-Lingual Board Director | Group CFO | Strategy Consultant

I have had the pleasure of working with Richard Edge for the past 2 years, and I wholeheartedly recommend him as a mentor, especially for individuals navigating career transitions. Richard's expertise in guiding professionals through the job search process, particularly utilizing LinkedIn, is truly remarkable. Beyond that, his insights extend to all aspects of career development, offering invaluable dos and don'ts. If you find yourself at a crossroads in your career or seeking guidance for change, Richard is the mentor you need.

Sheena McCabe

Duncan Mackinnon

Sarah Iannantuono

Cyber Security & Data Protection Director / CISM, CRISC, CDPSE

An absolute trusted partner, Richard has deep skill in being able to uncover and guide an individual across their unique career journey. His depth of experience across the HR lifecycle in different organisations and cultures culminates in unique advise and approach to career development. Coming with an already existing plan, Richard was a game changer to validating, actioning and boosting my career goals. Wish I had engaged earlier!

Dani Lock

Resilience, Business Continuity and Transformation Leader

I found working with Richard a hugely positive experience and he helped me to focus my efforts efficiently and take a significant leap in my career. I set out with what I felt was a lofty aspiration and his expertise and guidance helped me to achieve those aspirations within a very swift timeframe. His interview guidance especially, was invaluable. He helped me direct my energy into the right preparation and also gave me the confidence to realise my worth and not undersell myself. I am delighted to be one of his success stories and would encourage anyone wondering if they should take the step to work with him, to jump in with both feet. Thank you for everything Richard.

Rana Sabbagh

International Educational Coach and Maths Specialist

I've had the pleasure of working with Richard, and I must say he is an exceptional coach who helped me regain my self-confidence and guide me through a challenging time in my career. Richard is professional, experienced, and pleasant. His guidance helped me secure an amazing job opportunity that I would not have gotten before. I highly recommend Richard as a career and leadership coach, and I'm grateful for the positive impact he made on my professional and personal growth. Our work together is not done, and I look forward to the second phase of our project.

John Ferguson

Internationally Experienced Clinical, Operations and Transformation Leader

I was referred to Richard by a good friend whilst working in the Middle East. Upon my return to the UK a few months later, Richard proved quickly to be an excellent support for me enhancing my CV and my LinkedIn page and importantly helped me reflect and focus in a proactive manner on my career goals and career objectives. Richard helped me maintain my direction and helped me hold onto my preferences and beliefs in regard to my next career move. Richard is extremely likeable, professional and takes a great interest in his clients. Richard was always available at short notice and responds to requests promptly. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Richard and Careerships to anyone wanting support and professional advice with their next career journey.

Yilin Chen

APAC Client Coverage at Burgiss and Caissa LLC

I met Richard after a series of interviews that didn’t yield the desired outcomes. Richard’s interview preparation techniques were extremely useful. He guided me throughout the process and helped me secure a job very fast after our initial meeting. I managed to get a package that is pegged to market rate which is much better than my previous role. I would highly recommend Richard to job seekers who need guidance in their preparation for important job interviews.

Angelika Lawrence

Senior Technology Director

I am only at the beginning of my engagement with Richard but he has already helped me to make great strides towards the career shift I desire. Richard instils trust and is very knowledgeable about how to market oneself and navigate the tools available for job search which he shares in a very transparent and organized way. He is very responsive, builds confidence, and I value that he holds you accountable. I am looking forward to what I can make happen with Richard's support and would recommend him very highly to anyone who is looking to move up, across or even out.

Shelina Jaffer

Dedicated Clinician - Digital Health Enthusiast

I have worked with Richard for the last few months as the start of my Entrepreneurial journey with him and have been really quite impressed with his wealth of knowledge and experience, and friendly style of working. He is intuitive and adaptable and has been able to support me with interview skills whilst setting up key milestones for my next venture. These have also indirectly helped me secure a new role. I have been blown away by the ease with which he is able to understand different personalities and recommend ways of better working with them. Thank you, Richard! I look forward to our next steps.

Sujata Dunn

Executive Leader In Operational Excellence and Transformation with specialization in Culture Alignment | Transparent Communication | Team Building

I have known Richard for the last 9 years, at first, as part of the consulting group who worked with my Project Integration Office in Qatar and secondly, where I sought his support and expertise at Careerships for my career transition. In both situations, Richard stands above and beyond with his integrity, ethics, and professionalism. With career transition, he helps me to set-up clear expectations, goals and milestones with constant and continued support via Whatsapp, emails and phone calls. The help that Richard provided with network building, interview coaching, intelligence gathering, giving open and honest feedback and as well as providing moral and mental support during the tough interview process are beyond comparison. I highly recommend Richard as a colleague and a friend to support anyone who is interested in career transformation. One will not find a better partner and coach in this challenging journey to achieve one´s personal and professional goals! It is a true bonding of career pursuit and relationship building.

Dovydas Cyzius

Fraud Strategy Analyst

I met Richard at a career event hosted by my university. Soon after it I got in touch with him and started working with Careerships. My experience working with Richard was nothing short of great. From the start, it was very apparent that Richard has a great understanding of how the job market works. With his help I was able to professionally update my CV, learn and improve on the skills and techniques needed to succeed in job interviews, which helped me to not only find my dream job, but also secure it! I would highly recommend Richard and Careerships services!

Zahid Rasool

Housing Disrepair Legal Executive/Paralegal

I was given Richard's details by a friend recently. Initially, I was reluctant, as I was not sure what I was getting myself into. However, after experiencing Richard's calm persona and confidence in me, I quickly realised that I had made the right decision. He motivated me, believed in me and highlighted skills to help me move on in my career. I have now secured a position which previously I would have thought was not in my skill set. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard and Careerships to anyone. My general advice to anyone would be, if you truly want to fulfil your potential and get yourself thinking outside the box, contact Richard and his team, you won't regret it!

Rahul Chawla

Construction Project Assistant

Richard was fantastic and really helped push me to find jobs in the most efficient manner and taught me the ways of LinkedIn. He also gave me the best support for my interview which made me come away from it feeling like it was the best interview I had ever done. Richard did all he could to find me resources and advice that would support me in any way, shape or form. Great career advice and service provided and very attentive. I would highly recommend Richard.

Tracey Maisey

Executive Director Planning, Funding and Decision Support, at Canterbury and West Coast DHBs

I met Richard whilst working in the Middle East. Upon relocating to the UK, Richard supported me to significantly enhance my CV and my LinkedIn page, interview coaching and most importantly assist me to think through my career goals and aspirations. He challenged me to think laterally about the sort of work I wanted to do and to consider alternative industries and sectors. Richard has a way of putting people at ease with his personable manner and approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending Careerships to anyone wanting assistance with their next career journey.

Shelly Wallace-Henrikson

Chief Nursing Officer (USA and Qatar)

"Deciding to seek job opportunities in itself can have added stress- the CV, the search, the interview and the list is endless. I have learned valuable insights in the job searching arena. Having a mentor and coach to provide insights, recommendations, encourage and teach can not be stressed enough- Richard is that person. Lifelong colleague for sure!!

Lucille Pinto

Professional and Conscientious Software Developer

Engaging Richard to help me in one of the most difficult transitions I have made was absolutely the right decision, it has certainly paid off. He was recommended to me by a friend who knew that I would be successful in securing a job in the US if I engaged his services. With his calm and confident nature, he encouraged me every step of the way; gently prodding me every time my momentum slowed down. He kept me accountable and guided me through the steps needed to engage with the right stakeholders. His assistance with interview preparation was invaluable, calming a lot of my fears and helping me to approach the interview with confidence. His constant support via WhatsApp and email has helped me to reach my objectives in a short period of time. Thank you Richard, you have allowed me to achieve my dream of landing a job in one of the most successful insurance companies in the US.

Asif S.

Senior Policy Advisor

With years of HR experience, Richard understands the employment processes in great detail and is able to successfully navigate individuals through often difficult and challenging times they may face during their employment. I have personally benefitted from Richard's WhatsApp support package which really offers a responsive method of communication, but most importantly makes you feel as if you have a friend in your corner in which you can confide in. Richard is a professional individual who takes time to understand your circumstances and offers expert advice and guidance. I would not hesitate to recommend.

John Syson

Interim Director of Workforce at BLMK STP

I have really enjoyed my time working with Richard. He has been able to provide some excellent advice around the jobs market, in my areas of interest as well as valuable insights into sectors, and roles that may be unfamiliar to me. His work in helping me to produce a concise, attractive and professional CV and LinkedIn profile have also been very useful helping me to see how I can best explain and leverage my talents and even weaknesses and getting a good understanding of how these can be perceived. Perhaps most importantly he has been fun and challenging to work with, and has assisted with making me a more assured and confident individual.

Vikki Pearce

Head of Digital - Zenith Media

"I have been working with Richard during a difficult juncture in my career & he has been wonderfully motivating and proactive in helping me to pinpoint what it is I need and how to achieve it. I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with Richard as I embark on my next phase, to be the best version I can be, driving positive impact for myself, my colleagues, my clients and company.

Low Su Yi

Secretary / Vice-President at Cambridge University Malaysia Society (CUMaS) 2020/21

On behalf of UKEC and the Malaysian societies of UEA and Essex University, I'd like to extend my warmest thanks to you for volunteering your time this weekend to speak for our career event! I think there was a clear consensus among all who participated that this was a very insightful event; the stories you shared with us of your own personal journeys, experiences and encounters with different people made it very interesting to listen to - and I know I speak on behalf of many attendees when I say I feel like I gained a lot of useful and practical information. Thank you very much for agreeing to speak for this event at such a short notice - we are very grateful for your kindness and generosity!

Charlotte Wood

Founder of Communicate With Me

I was really pleased I found Careerships. Richard was approachable, engaging and always very quick to respond to my communications. His astute questions helped me find my own answers, and prioritise my goals.

Sophie Cheslett

Swissport Global IT Service Desk Manager

I have known Richard for over 30 years and he really is a cut above the rest and a true professional when it comes to HR related matters and career coaching. He truly makes you see your own worth and value. He digs deep into your back catalogue to promote all your own strengths and career highlights to give you the confidence to go for that job that you thought was beyond you. Richard is like a support blanket when going through a redundancy process or a job loss and helps you to see clearly the vision needed to get you back on track. I would always recommend Richard and Careerships to all my colleagues and friends for CV, cover letter, job interview or redundancy support and guidance.

Rosanna Kinley

Resourcing Manager at CMT Group

Richard reached out to me just after I was made redundant. After serving a company for over 10 years, I needed some guidance on how to approach the job market and present myself within a fiercely competitive market. Richard gave me the boost of confidence I needed, and not only helped me secure a fantastic role, but has also shifted my mindset to reaching for further goals within my career. I would 💯 recommend Richard to anyone either looking for some guidance, advice or a complete change of career.

Lauren Huxley

Richard's support through Careerships has been immensely valuable to me since I finished in my fixed term role in June 2020 and found myself in an incredibly challenging job market. His career guidance helped me to narrow down my search and think more deeply about what was most important to me in my next role and his advice gave me the confidence I needed to succeed both at application and interview. I am now delighted to be starting in a new role and I am so grateful for Richard's support in getting here.

Rebecca Young

I am really happy I found Richard (of Careerships) after I had been made redundant. His advice was really valuable in a time of uncertainty for me. He made me realize how to magnify my strengths and build up my self-assurance. I found his time extremely beneficial, I would highly recommend Richard to anyone who needs guidance when it comes to a career change. He also helps to boost your confidence and gives unique insights to the interview process when searching for a new career.

Claire Ferrari

Richard (of Careerships) is a dream to work with. He has provided me with an amazingly great quality service and has helped to get my priorities in order. I cannot recommend Richard highly enough. Don’t hesitate to book Richard. He is worth every penny and more.

Robert Topalian

Richard (of Careerships) has been instrumental in helping me be successful in finding a new role. Having been plunged unexpectedly into the job market, Richard was on hand to provide expert advice, guidance and contemporary techniques to find and win my new position. I could not recommend him enough to anyone looking for a new role or change in their career. Booking him should be the first thing you do when you decide to embark on your career journey.

Mahboob Hossain

Careerships has been instrumental in my success! I reached out for help in relation to a mentor and coach who can guide me in a competitive job market. I reached out to Richard and was initially reluctant in transferring such a large sum of money online but later realised the value of support that he provided. What I loved most about his service is that he is highly patient, caring and a very calming personality and is able to provide you with a realistic and objective view of every situation. It was a pleasure having a mentor that helped me in the end to secure probably the best stepping stone to my career I have ever achieved. Thank you, Richard for your amazing assistance. An amazing journey.

Linda Dalton-Hudda

Careerships and Richard have been invaluable in my career transition from the Middle East back to the UK. Richard's coaching, mentoring and advice enabled me to achieve the position I wanted in the timeframe I set myself. The support provided by Richard is excellent. He is always professional, responsive and adaptive to the needs of the client. I have really enjoyed working with him and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

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