What Our Client Partners Say

We Treat Our Clients Like Partners

We have helped more than 1,000 client partners from around the world. Our approach in coaching is not a one-off transaction. It is a partnership where we go through the journey of career transformation, together.

Our client partners have landed jobs at top corporations including: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Siemens, BBC, Estee Lauder, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PWC, National Health Service UK, United Nations, and Top Law Firms.

Asif S.

Senior Policy Advisor

"With years of HR experience, Richard understands the employment processes in great detail and is able to successfully navigate individuals through often difficult and challenging times they may face during their employment. I have personally benefitted from Richard's WhatsApp support package which really offers a responsive method of communication, but most importantly makes you feel as if you have a friend in your corner in which you can confide in. Richard is a professional individual who takes time to understand your circumstances and offers expert advice and guidance. I would not hesitate to recommend."

Charlotte Wood

Founder of Communicate With Me

"I was really pleased I found Careerships. Richard was approachable, engaging and always very quick to respond to my communications. His astute questions helped me find my own answers, and prioritise my goals."

Vikki Pearce

Head of Digital - Zenith Media

"I have been working with Richard during a difficult juncture in my career & he has been wonderfully motivating and proactive in helping me to pinpoint what it is I need and how to achieve it. I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with Richard as I embark on my next phase, to be the best version I can be, driving positive impact for myself, my colleagues, my clients an company."

Low Su Yi

Secretary / Vice-President at Cambridge University Malaysia Society (CUMaS) 2020/21

"On behalf of UKEC and the Malaysian societies of UEA and Essex University, I'd like to extend my warmest thanks to you for volunteering your time this weekend to speak for our career event! I think there was a clear consensus among all who participated that this was a very insightful event; the stories you shared with us of your own personal journeys, experiences and encounters with different people made it very interesting to listen to - and I know I speak on behalf of many attendees when I say I feel like I gained a lot of useful and practical information. Thank you very much for agreeing to speak for this event at such a short notice - we are very grateful for your kindness and generosity!"

Zahid Rasool

Employee Relation Advisor

"I was given Richard's details by a friend recently. Initially, I was reluctant, as I was not sure what I was getting myself into, However, after experiencing Richard's calm persona and confidence in me, I quickly realised that I had made the right decision. He motivated me, believed in me and highlighted skills to help me move on in my career. I have now secured a position which previously I would have thought was not in my skill set. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard and Careerships to anyone. My general advice to anyone would be, if you truly want to fulfil your potential and get yourself thinking outside the box, contact Richard and his team, you won't regret it!"

Tracey Maisey

Executive Director Planning, Funding and Decision Support, at Canterbury and West Coast DHBs

"I met Richard whilst working in the Middle East. Upon relocating to the UK, Richard supported me to significantly enhance my CV and my LinkedIn page, interview coaching and most importantly assist me to think through my career goals and aspirations. He challenged me to think laterally about the sort of work I wanted to do and to consider alternative industries and sectors. Richard has a way of putting people at ease with his personable manner and approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending Careerships to anyone wanting assistance with their next career journey."

John Syson

Interim Director of Workforce at BLMK STP

"I have really enjoyed my time working with Richard. He has been able to provide some excellent advice around the jobs market, in my areas of interest as well as valuable insights into sectors, and roles that may be unfamiliar to me. His work in helping me to produce a concise, attractive and professional CV and LinkedIn profile have also been very useful helping me to see how I can best explain and leverage my talents and even weaknesses and getting a good understanding of how these can be perceived. Perhaps most importantly he has been fun and challenging to work with, and has assisted with making me a more assured and confident individual."

Sara Banares

President of International Business Society at University of Leeds

"Our first event of the year hosted by Richard at Careerships. I cannot thank him enough for such an insightful and incredible event. Delivering crucial information about the current job market and personal branding, he left our members feeling motivated and enlightened. Richard’s kind and friendly personality added value to our members and the International Business Society as a whole. The career session was executed smoothly and encouraged students to ask questions, building upon their knowledge and network. Personally, I look forward to learning more from Richard and engaging with Careerships as a company in the future. I will definitely be recommending Richard and Careerships to anyone needing expert guidance for career success!"

Sophie Cheslett

Swissport Global IT Service Desk Manager

"I have known Richard for over 30 years and he really is a cut above the rest and a true professional when it comes to HR related matters and career coaching. He truly makes you see your own worth and value. He digs deep into your back catalogue to promote all your own strengths and career highlights to give you the confidence to go for that job that you thought was beyond you. Richard is like a support blanket when going through a redundancy process or a job loss and helps you to see clearly the vision needed to get you back on track. I would always recommend Richard and Careerships to all my colleagues and friends for CV, cover letter, job interview or redundancy support and guidance."

Rosanna Kinley

Resourcing Manager at CMT Group

"Richard reached out to me just after I was made redundant. After serving a company for over 10 years, I needed some guidance on how to approach the job market and present myself within a fiercely competitive market. Richard gave me the boost of confidence I needed, and not only helped me secure a fantastic role, but has also shifted my mindset to reaching for further goals within my career. I would 💯 recommend Richard to anyone either looking for some guidance, advice or a complete change of career."

Lauren Huxley

"Richard's support through Careerships has been immensely valuable to me since I finished in my fixed term role in June 2020 and found myself in an incredibly challenging job market. His career guidance helped me to narrow down my search and think more deeply about what was most important to me in my next role and his advice gave me the confidence I needed to succeed both at application and interview. I am now delighted to be starting in a new role and I am so grateful for Richard's support in getting here."

Rebecca Young

"I am really happy I found Richard (of Careerships) after I had been made redundant. His advice was really valuable in a time of uncertainty for me. He made me realize how to magnify my strengths and build up my self-assurance. I found his time extremely beneficial, I would highly recommend Richard to anyone who needs guidance when it comes to a career change. He also helps to boost your confidence and gives unique insights to the interview process when searching for a new career."

Claire Ferrari

"Richard (of Careerships) is a dream to work with. He has provided me with an amazingly great quality service and has helped to get my priorities in order. I cannot recommend Richard highly enough. Don’t hesitate to book Richard. He is worth every penny and more."

Robert Topalian

"Richard (of Careerships) has been instrumental in helping me be successful in finding a new role. Having been plunged unexpectedly into the job market, Richard was on hand to provide expert advice, guidance and contemporary techniques to find and win my new position. I could not recommend him enough to anyone looking for a new role or change in their career. Booking him should be the first thing you do when you decide to embark on your career journey."

Marc S.

Senior Procurement Manager

"I have been working with Richard (of Careerships) for some weeks in order to determine the next steps in my career transformation and to re-work my CV. I was impressed by the quality of Richard’s work both as a CV writer and coach. Richard combines the skill set of an executive coach with that of a seasoned HR professional, and I will certainly be making use of Richard’s services in the future."


International Programme Manager

"Richard (of Careerships) has a unique ability to understand what is at the core of an individual’s issues and remove all the noise to provide clear and quick solutions. The answers seem so obvious once he has laid them out for you."


National Mental Health Director

"Richard (of Careerships) was extremely helpful, a very good listener, and very solution focused."


Deputy Workforce Director

"Richard (of Careerships) is a consummate HR professional and a fantastic role model. He is credible, ethical, and his balanced judgement combined with a human approach make him a consistent and compassionate coach."


Global Marketing Director for a Global Manufacturing Business

"Richard (of Careerships) is one of those people who quietly sneak up on your radar almost unnoticed and then you think how did I ever get by without his advice and wisdom. Don't be fooled by the youthful looks; Richard has acquired wisdom that you rarely find in someone of his age and loves to get the best out of others."

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