Academic Partnerships & Outplacement

At Careerships we have a mission to make world-class career support available to everyone!

In addition to our personalised coaching packages, we also work in partnership with organisations and academic institutions to help their individuals succeed to the maximum of their capability.

Academic Institutions

We partner with Universities and Colleges around the world to offer predominantly pro bono services to help their students understand the options available to them in the professional world. 

So far, we have collaborated with Imperial College London, University of Leeds, University of Manchester, University Academy 92 (UA92), University of Florida and Qatar University.

We run online webinars, action learning sets and interactive WhatsApp focus groups as well as in person breakfast seminars and interactive lunchtime learning sessions to help students think outside the box about what they really want to achieve in the future and how to do it. 

We have enjoyed great partnerships so far with institutions in the UK, USA, and Qatar and look forward to many more. 

To discuss the needs of your students, send us an email today to to set up a complimentary no obligation video call.

Corporate Partnerships

With a wealth of knowledge in the HR and OD sector as well as in Careers we are very well placed to help you manage your staff during times of uncertainty. 

We can provide support in 3 main areas. 

  1. Leadership Development – focusing on maximising the performance of individuals
  2. Group Dynamics – creating harmony post-merger or during times of uncertainty
  3. Outplacement – supporting individuals that have suffered a negative impact due to organisational change, let us take care of them to help them shape their future.

Contact us at to discuss a tailored programme suited to your organisations’ needs.

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