Serendipitous Career Stories

Serendipity | noun | the fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance

Richard Edge
October 1, 2023

Serendipity is about being open-minded, positive and proactive and seeing what opportunities may emerge without expectation.

At least that’s what it means to me, and it’s how we approach everything at Careerships.

With this mindset combined with the purpose of wanting to do right by people, sometimes amazing opportunities can emerge that one never thought possible.

My story of serendipity started in January 2022.

I had completed my vision board for the year and was suddenly made aware of a conference in March 2022 at the London Stock Exchange hosted by a friend, mentor and former boss.

Whilst the conference was filled with people from a different world to mine, the financial services and private equity world, the values of the conference were very closely aligned.

Ultimately, it was about ensuring everyone had the tools to achieve what they wanted to do regardless of who they were or their background.

So, with no expectations, I went and supported.

Whilst there, I met some fantastic people who actually were interested in talking to me because what I do was unique to them, I wasn’t just another finance person.

Lesson number 1 for Networking:

Be open-minded and go where you don’t belong or at least where you’ve not been before.

One of the people I met there was a TEDx events organiser. With the vision board in mind, we struck up a conversation, and soon, I was submitting my speech for approval.

Fast forward to January 2023, and I was back in London and on stage.

This also led to being nominated and shortlisted for best newcomer of the year at the Speaker Awards, which led me to meet a whole new fantastic group of people in July 2023.

Without the vision and the open-mindedness to embrace a series of chance serendipitous moments, I would not have made the connections with the great people I did.

Realising Your Goals

The key is to be crystal clear on:

→Where you are

→Where you want to be

→The steps to get there

Whether it’s through:

→Assessing your autonomy, mastery & purpose

→Taking a step back & visualising what the end of your journey looks like

To succeed in what we are doing, we need to understand where we are going.

If we don’t know where we are going, it is impossible to articulate the direction to another person, which is essential for winning interviews and opportunities.

Tips for Taking Career Action

Your action for this month:

  1. Revisit your vision
  2. Visualise “January 2025 You” regarding your career

We’re going to call this Vision 2025.

Want to go a bit further?

What does Vision 2030 look like for you?

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