Rebirth of Your Career

Most people have a professional career span of around 40 years! People bounce from one role to another hoping opportunities fall in their lap. In terms of external macro-environmental context, the general consensus with some hope and will is that “the world is about to return to something like normal post covid”. This could be considered in some arenas a rebirth. A stark contrast to the fact that the majority of careers over the last 18 months have either stagnated or even sadly taken a step backwards. So if you think your career choices should align with the new world, it’s definitely time to think about a rebirth of your career!

Richard Edge
April 9, 2021

Rebirth! “The process of being reincarnated or born again. A period of new life, growth or activity, a revival”.

Most people have a professional career span of around 40 years!

That’s on average 40 hours a week over 40 years. Taking into account some leave that’s around 2,080 hours a year and 83,200 hours over their lifetime, spent focused on the career. No that doesn’t include overtime! The amount of time people spent strategizing how they spend these hours? 50.

A Career Rebirth for You – What Does That Mean?

A Career Rebirth is a very personal thing. For some people it means a whole new direction, for others it might be small tweaks that lead to a more positive long term destination. Like all good career planning it’s a very unique and personal thing to every individual. Yes, there are tools and tricks and themes but ultimately only you as an individual can identify what you want to do going forward.

A Useful Exercise To Consider Is To Do The Following.


Imagine your life in 5 years’ time.

Draw a picture. Whatever it may look like.

Now consider what the job/career part of that life looks like. It is blue sky thinking but requires a touch of realism.

Once you have a rough idea revisit your current position. How far away are you? Is there a clear road map to get you to where you want to be?


The learning here is that there’s no point considering a rebirth if you don’t know what your preferred destination is for your new journey. It’s time to pause. Sit back, think, focus on the long term and then put the blocks in place to build a new roadmap.

A Career Rebirth – What’s Trendy?


The world has suddenly realised that healthcare is important. It is one of the key growth industries now alongside tech, pharma and retail! Yes that’s right and not online retail either. There is trend in the media focusing on remote working, but the science suggests over the next 24 months the very nature of human beings is going to cause them to want to meet in person and be social as much as possible, which includes returning back to the shops! Alongside aviation, it is the sector that has taken arguably the biggest hit and is very likely to recover strongly in the coming years.  

In the last decade there was a huge boom in health tourism with people flocking to countries such as Turkey for plastic surgery. Since the pandemic now there is mass migration to countries and states that are dictated by their perceived handling of the pandemic. House prices in New York for example have dropped 30% in the last 6months, compared to a 40% increase in New Zealand!

Where wealth moves, opportunities for growth and for others follows.


Country wise the UK and Europe is struggling; the Middle East is entering its last decade of wealth and Africa is poised to thrive. Well, that’s all very subjective and one opinion. The truth is no one can really accurately predict the future, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do thorough research and make accurate assumptions to help identify where the likely opportunities are over the next few years.

Have you noticed global warming isn’t as prevalent in people’s minds as it was perhaps two years ago? Perhaps once the pandemic comes to a close it will have a resurgence?


The key here when thinking of your own career is to remember that once you have discovered what you want to do, there is an element of finding out if it is possible. The larger the growth in an industry, the more opportunity there is for someone new like you to enter it. It’s time to do some research!!


A Career Rebirth – How Can I Stand Out?


The easiest part of a career rebirth is deciding what version of you that you would like the world to see. The CV/Resume and LinkedIn profile is your toolkit to showcase to the world who you are. Invest in these. Seek professional advice. Without them you are very unlikely to achieve your objectives.


My favourite question to ask people when considering their documentation branding is.

“What are the three things that you are most proud of in your career and why? I.e. what are your biggest achievements that you are proud of”. More often than not when people tell me I look at their documentation and the documentation doesn’t even reference those things. If that is the case for you then something is very wrong.


A Career Rebirth – But There Are No Decent Jobs Available Now Anyway Is There?


Every single client that Careerships has worked with in the last year has achieved their objectives. The beauty of times of economic difficulty is that the majority of people stop looking.

For those that want to commit to a change and make progress it makes it much easier because the competition is asleep!

If you want to make a career rebirth in 2021 the time to start is now before all of the competition wakes up.


A Career Rebirth – Final Thoughts


Firstly, do some thinking about what progress and the future might look like.

Secondly, consider if you are on the right path to get there.

Thirdly, consider whether the market opportunities potentially align with that future dream.

Finally, consider your personal branding and how you align with those objectives and what version of you that you would like the world to see that is going to allow you to achieve those goals.


What will you do to take action to make sure you don’t get left behind in the careers game as the world opens up?


All the best,

Richard Edge

CEO & Career Coach | Careerships

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