On Demand Interviews: A Game-Changing Innovation or A Risk to Career Relationship-Building?

HireVue could be a very interesting piece of Tech as work continues to take place remotely in a wide array of sectors across the Globe. If you are faced with this in your career change, how do you make sure you are prepared to tackle it?

Richard Edge
September 30, 2020

HireVue. The tagline is that it gives candidates the “Opportunity to tell your story and show that you are more than words on a CV or Resume”.  

As work continues to take place remotely in a wide array of sectors across the Globe this could be a very interesting piece of tech but if you are faced with this in your career change, how do you make sure you are prepared to tackle it?

How does HireVue work?

HireVue is a video-based software that allows a company’s recruiter to ask candidates to answer questions in video format in their own time. The questions are pre-set, the candidate logs on and has three days to complete the video, usually lasting 10-15 minutes.

Different to the popular zoom or skype two-way video interviews, this seems to be an alternative method for companies to long-list their candidates so that they have a video to watch whilst reviewing their CV and credentials in more detail.

What is the value add of HireVue?

For employers, I can see the benefit. They can review a candidate in more detail when long listing without having to schedule in the appointment or even prepare an interview in more detail. For candidates that are comfortable in front of the camera, this is also an opportunity for them to shine and not just be a name on a piece of paper. The risk will be that it is evidently quite an unnatural process and without the proper preparation candidates may not present themselves in the best way. Psychologically people are less inclined to plan for this in such a formal way as they aren’t preparing to actually talk to someone. This brings risk in terms of the old adage, fail to prepare and prepare to fail.

How does it make a candidate feel?

I consulted with my clients after the process and they felt the process was very easy to navigate. It didn’t feel like a formal interview and the strange feeling of talking into an empty camera passed relatively quickly. As one client put it –

“Hireview was an easy to install app for me. I found the introductory video very helpful to be prepared for what to expect. It was an easy straightforward process. The best thing is the interview preparation option where you could practise before interview. Also the actual interview timing was very reasonable to read, understand and answer the questions.”

My other client, however, did highlight a level of anxiousness after the event. When taking part in the process and videoing yourself to respond to questions there is then a communication vacuum whilst the recruiters review the videos. This is very similar to the way candidates often feel when they apply for a role and then have to wait for long periods of time to receive feedback. However when putting yourself out there in video form the anxiousness appears to be magnified.

What is Careerships' Advice for employers and potential employees?

For individuals the key really is to prepare. Research is available online that shows the types of questions employers are encouraged to ask when using the video platform. Treat this almost like doing past papers for an examination. It is likely the questions will be relatively similar.

Also, you must make sure you practice talking into a camera with no one on the other end. It’s an unusual experience at first so practice pretending to make a few vlogs and you will be surprised at how comfortable it becomes relatively quickly.

It’s unlikely an employer will make a final decision based on this part of the process. However they may reject candidates so remember the key principles. Have your best stories to hand, be friendly and courteous, be to the point and structured, have purpose with your answers and remember to have good eye contact with the camera, not the screen!

For employers, I would say be aware of the risks that this can cause to a candidate. This is an innovation but requires a larger investment from a candidate and therefore expectations are higher. There is a responsibility to handlecandidates with care but when placing an extra demand on their time your responsibility levels increase also. So be ready to respond quickly to candidates to provide feedback. My personal view is that it is still much better to have a video call. The amount of time and preparation required is relatively similar and perhaps this process should only really add value if you are screening many international candidates from multiple time zones and you have alto to get through. In that instance practically this is a good solution. Other than that, make the time to invest in your candidates, see them all as potential employees and structure a good video call! This is a people and relationship business so prioritise your candidates from the outset, take care of them and you will be rewarded!

All the best,

Richard Edge

CEO & Career Coach | Careerships

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