Mother's Day - A Time For Celebration

On Thursday 11th February 2021, Bumble Co-Founder Whitney Wolfe Heard thrust the spotlight on mum’s around the globe as she became the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire, and when listing her company she did it with her son literally on her hip! There’s never been a better time to celebrate the success of mothers around the world and today’s article is our tribute to fantastic mums, that made the news in the last 12 months alongside a little more info about the headline grabbing Whitney Wolfe Heard! Let’s take a look...

Richard Edge
March 12, 2021

Whitney Wolfe Heard


The Ultimate Millennial Mum!


Whitney started off her entrepreneurial career in College, where she attended the Southern Methodist University. Whilst studying she created a business selling bamboo tote bags to benefit areas affected by the infamous BP Oil spill! It was clear she was destined for greater things.

From there she joined a tech start up that went on to create Tinder. A very public fall out commenced. She left Tinder and sued her previous employer for sexual harassment. She alleged that her former boss and boyfriend Justin Mateen had sent threats, derogatory texts and stripped her of her cofounder title at Tinder. Whilst Tinder denied any wrong doing the case was quickly and confidentially settled.

She fought hard and won in one of the most male dominated industries that has ever existed.

Whitney used the $1 million settlement to create a business in her own vision, empowering women to take control all over the world. She then went on to have her first child with husband Michel Herd before famously carrying him on stage at Nasdaq to become the youngest self-made female billionaire in history. She has also pioneered female rights in the business world by setting her own standards and in 2019 implemented a variety of new parental benefits for Bumble employees including bonuses, paid leaves and flexible start times. This includes four months paid leave for both parents and a $1,000 bonus for expecting parents. If you know US employment law, you will realise how unique and amazing this is in a society where benefits and offerings such as this are never heard of.


Caprice Bourret


This article would not be complete without recognising the Mums in Business Association's, Official Mum of the Year for 2020, the Legendary Caprice Bourret!


Caprice has two six-year-old sons, Jeff and Jax, who were born just weeks apart despite one being carried by a surrogate

Caprice was crowned at the end of a year after she was forced to pull out of Dancing on Ice, following a bullying row with skating partner Hamish - despite being tipped to make the final, the pair hit the headlines when they suddenly split back in January 2020.

Caprice was reportedly left too scared to speak during Dancing on Ice training, after Hamish enforced a 'three strikes and you're out rule' if she didn't do exactly what he said – making her feel like mistakes were not allowed.

She was then put into an alternative pairing with Oscar Peter but subsequently decided to quit the ITV series altogether to 'recover and look after herself and her family'.

An inspiration to many around the world for prioritising her family away from the limelight of being forced into something she didn’t want to do!


Dr. LaTarsha Holden


Back in May 2020, Dr. La Tarsha Holden of Atlanta Georgia, was announced as the 2020 National Mother of the Year. She is the 85th woman in US history to hold this honour.

Dr. Holden is an inspirational mother of six who, after overcoming homelessness, earned her doctorate in Leadership Studies. She is a published author, inspirational speaker, and advocate for the homeless community, single mothers, and affordable housing in low income neighbourhoods. She was recognized for her relentless drive to serve others.

“Twelve years ago I was uneducated, underemployed and homeless,” said Dr. Holden. “My legacy to my children is service to others. Even when we were homeless, I taught my children how to serve at our lowest.”

Dr. Holden was nominated by her daughter, AnTonia, who also lives in Atlanta.

“Her determination to change the trajectory of our lives has motivated us to be the best we can be,” said AnTonia. “Her leadership has given us the strength to serve in the military and become students, authors, youth leaders and volunteers. If it had not been for my mother’s strength in trying times, I don’t know where we would be.”

As National Mother of the Year, Dr. Holden received an American Mothers, Inc. Golden Rule Grant to the charity of her choice. She has selected the Decatur Cooperative Ministry, the shelter where she and her children lived while they were homeless, to receive this award.

Three Inspirational Mothers!


Three Inspirational Mothers from three very different worlds. One who overcame sexism, another that overcame bullying and a third who overcame being unemployed and homeless.  It’s evident that the last 12 months have been a challenge for everyone, but for mums who have had to give birth without their partners being allowed into hospitals, or those having to home-school without any support, it’s been an exceptionally challenging year.

We all at Careerships would like to take a moment to tip our hat to all mums out there and to share that you are all fantastic!

Let’s use the inspiration of these mums that have overcome adversity and let’s make sure the next 12 months be the year of growth, transformation and putting pillars in place for an amazing future!

All the best,

Richard Edge

CEO & Career Coach | Careerships

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