Have you chosen the right career partners? [Valentine's Day Edition]

Valentine’s day – the day that is most well-known around the world that celebrates love, romance and relationships. A relationship is defined by the Oxford English dictionary as “the way in which two people, groups or countries behave towards each other or deal with each other”. Did you know that in your life, most of the relationships that you have are with the people that you work with? Your colleagues, your bosses, your staff, your teammates – the people that you interact with on an almost daily basis, are likely to far outnumber the friends and family that you interact with on a daily basis. So the question is – these partners – these relationships – are they with the right people? Have you chosen the right ones? Is it time to find some new ones? Let’s take a look.

Richard Edge
February 14, 2022

Valentine’s Day – Assessing your current relationships


When was thelast time you had an amazing day at work?

I am nottalking about when you came home or switched off the zoom and didn’t feelexhausted. But when did you last say “ I love my job!”

What was thereason? Was it because of something you did? Something you achieved? Feedbackyou received? Getting to work with great people?


Generallyspeaking if there isn’t a day in the last 60 days when you had a fantastic daybecause of the people you work with, it’s time for a change.


This mightnot be a fault of your current boss, or specific colleagues. We will begenerous in our assessments. It can be anyone at all that you work with, amember of your team, someone from a different department. Clients and externalstakeholders do not count I am afraid.


If you havespent the last 60 days without an amazing day caused by the people you surroundyourself with, then it’s time for a break up! Life is too short.



Valentine’s Day – Do you know what you really want fromyour career partners?


People thatwill back you?

People thatwill support you?

People withthe same mission as you?

People withthe same values as you?

People withdifferent skills?


Did you knownow that you can not just personally assess your colleagues but you can use AIto assess an individual’s history and also their style, behaviour andpreferences? Utilising technology alongside manual research can really help youunderstand people on a deeper level.


Once you’vemastered that, the key is, do you know what you really want?


Our counsel,to those that read our posts regularly, think of your BHAG, design your visionboard and then get really really clear on your objectives!



Valentine’s Day – What are you giving them?


Did you knowit’s not just about what other people give you?


So many ofour clients say that they feel that their executives or their colleagues don’tvalue them. They don’t feel appreciated, or supported.


Our question.“What have you done to deserve this?” Usually the answer is like the schoolreport you got as a child. “Good, but with the right focus, could do better!”.


If you coulddo better, then why not start now. Colleagues, bosses, teams, they are humans,they respond to triggeres. If you want them to treat you better, treat thembetter, if you want them to give you opportunities, then give themopportunities first. Believe us when we say that doing a good deed first will bepaid back 10 fold. Waiting to be treated better without taking action is closeto a definition of insanity.



Valentine’s Day – Final Thoughts


To get somecomplimentary tips on how best to approach your boss depending upon yoursector, current context and even their psychometrics, then message us with thecodeword “CareershipsTips” and you will get a real golden nugget specificallyfor your next pay rise conversation or plan.


We hope youenjoyed our article. If you have mastered all of the above and want to reallyunderstand how to put your best foot forward in your career, get in touch withour CEO Richard Edge for a complimentary consultation.


Share yourthoughts in the comments or as many of you prefer, send a private comment, itwould be great to hear from you!


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