Golden Week: Make It or Break It in 2024

Ah, that festive lull. Christmas week is marked on your calendar as a time to vegetate on the sofa, mimicking those pigs in blankets all too closely while dozing off. Don’t worry. We all dream about it. And you’ve probably worked your socks off all year to earn it! Of course, as a careers coach and partner, I won’t let your potential fester for too long. If you’ve got big plans, and I mean HUGE scary dreams for 2024, starting January 1st is NOT good enough. Sorry to burst the festive bubble, but it’s time to take more action than you may have intended. Let me share a secret that has ensured every year I embark on is a SUCCESSFUL year: Golden Week.

Richard Edge
December 1, 2023

Let me share a secret that has ensured every year I embark on is a SUCCESSFUL year: Golden Week.

Golden Week

Much like its precious metal namesake, Golden Week is the most precious time in my annual calendar, and I protect it as such.

What is Golden Week?

The week when we all sign off for the year. The one where putting on anything but loungewear feels illegal. It’s your opportunity to seize the year and get ahead of everyone else (i.e. your competition, your can’t-do mindset and your put-it-off excuses).

And let this edition of our newsletter serve as a gentle reminder that the whole world does NOT celebrate Christmas. Though much of the non-Western world serves platitudes to predominantly Western celebrations, most non-Christian countries won’t be taking a break or closing over the festive season.

Why is this important?

While you’re considering polishing off the turkey leftovers, everyone else is trucking on, not waiting for the New Year to get ahead.

If you’re anything like our clients, you may want to spread your career wings further regarding your career prospects. Their opportunities don’t stop just because it’s Christmas, and they may be snapped up by someone who made moves while you were snoozing.

A Note on Breaks

Before the toxic work culture police come knocking, I am not suggesting taking a break over Christmas is wrong. Take one, spend a week doing nothing, catch up on sleep, spend time with family and recharge.

But for many executives and professionals, that extra week sandwiched in between is brimming with opportunity. Either seize or lose it!

(Or worse, lose out to your competition who got ahead)

Using Golden Week Effectively

If you have been with us since our debut newsletter, you’ve likely already started your 2024 vision board. If you’re new or haven’t, get to it.

On that board are all the goals, dreams, and achievements you’re working towards in 2024.

Golden Week is an opportunity to get ahead and make those visions a reality!

You might…

Have a deadline due in January or February:

Why wait until the last minute to get it done when you can box it off during the quietest period of the year? Think of all the stress you’ll save!

Be looking to make a career move:

Use Golden Week to dust off your interview skills, update your CV and apply for new roles. Remember, your competition is already first in line - get moving.

Want to develop a new skill:

Get a week’s worth of practice in now, and by January, you’ll be one week ahead and much closer to forming a new habit.

Feel anxious about the New Year:

Spend time while the world is quieter, focusing on your plans and goals. Box off those to-dos that have been on your list, gathering dust.

Have a Golden 2024!

There’s no time like the present to get where you want to be.

Imagine where you want to be in 12 month’s time - envision the person you could become if you just started now.

Everything is possible if you just put your mind to it!

And if you need an extra nudge in the right direction, The Careerships Team are here to support you.

Stay focused, stay Golden.

Have a brilliantly deserved festive season!

All the best,

Richard Edge

CEO & Career Coach | Careerships

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