A Level Results Day: CV Tips and Interview Tips For That First Step on The Career Ladder

You have just finished your A Levels and decided further education is not for you. There are many that are anxious about this, but within any economic downturn there is opportunity, the key is to find it. Here are the top 3 tips for both your CV and your Interview to help you land that job.

Richard Edge
August 13, 2020

It’s 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the face of the marketplace.

You have just finished your A Levels and decided further education is not for you. There are many that are anxious about this, but within any economic downturn there is opportunity, the key is to find it.  Here are the top 3 tips for both your CV and your Interview to help you land that job.


CV Tip 1 - Personalisation


The world continually strives for personalisation these days and people will pay a premium for a bespoke unique service. This is exactly the same for your CV. If you think it would be better to create a generic CV and send it to 100 companies a day, you are wrong. Take your time to personalise it to a company you really want and then use the engagement tools we have written about previously to ensure it is seen.


Match the language on your CV to that of the organisational and individual values that you can find, and this will help create synergy and help you to stand out.


CV Tip 2 – Transferable Skills


It’s fair to say that any employer looking to take you on will have one thing in common. They are absolutely not looking for the finished article or an expert in their field. They are looking for someone with the right attitude and someone who has skills they can utilise.


Whether you gained this skill through your school or college life or in your extra-curricular activities or through things you do with your friends, seek to find a way to how you can articulate how they add value in the workplace. For example even if you were involved in a play at school this demonstrates time management, teamwork, potentially public speaking and also a desire to deliver a quality product. Be creative and flexible in how you narrate this, it must be authentic and genuine, but this creative application will show initiative.


CV Tip 3 – References


References are a good way to add three-dimensional depth to your CV. Perhaps there is a tutor or family friend or member of the community you know that would be happy to write something about you. If so, include this in your CV even if just a few sentences with contact details for a follow up.It will add credibility to your application.


Interview Tip 1 – Presentation


Before you attend your interview whether it be online or in person, do some research on the people you will be meeting and on the culture of the organisation. You can then dress accordingly. If it is a very corporate business a suit and tie may be required. For a more dynamic start-up type company then this wouldn’t be deemed as a good fit.


Interview Tip 2 – Practice, practice, practice


Interviews can vary due to a number of factors such as country, organisation, individual personality, timing etc. However there are some things you can do to prepare and of course failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Questions such as “why do you want this job”, or “why did you decide not to go to university”, or “where do you see yourself in 5 years”, or “what your strengths and weaknesses” are are all very common. If you refine your answers to these will certainly help your overall proposal to your possible employer.


Interview Tip 3 – Offer something different

Right now the marketplace is overflowing with people seeking opportunities. That doesn’t make it impossible, but it does make it harder.Therefore when thinking of the main things you would like the potential employer to know about you, ask yourself this. “Are there likely to be 10 other candidates saying this?” If the answer is yes, then change it.


Be creative, be bold, stand out and try something different which will make them remember you.  One of our successful college leavers secured a new job last week by referencing events in the local community and the impact that covid-19 had had on it and what their thoughts were about how things might get better in the future. This little story left a lasting memory in the interviewer’s mind and was instrumental in the candidate being memorable and securing the position.


Finally, remember this key message:

Your future hasn’t been written yet. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one.


Careerships understands this is a very stressful time for those that are impacted by the covid-19 pandemic.  


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All the best,

Richard Edge

CEO & Career Coach | Careerships

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