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Richard Edge
November 1, 2023

Making Significant Career Changes


Ah, November—a month synonymous with changes.  

The leaves turn amber, the air gets crispier, and we, too, sense a need for transformation.

In this month of renewal, we're turning the spotlight onto what I passionately term "brave moves" in your career.

I often work with people that want to do one of three things:

✓Achieve a big promotion in their career

✓Break a ceiling that they've never quite mastered before

✓Changing sectors doing what they know but in a different world or country


Or a combination of the three!

Key Thinking Points:

●     Understanding the Leap: Know how deep the water is before jumping, right? Whether you're eyeing a higher position in your current field or aiming to plunge into uncharted waters, knowing the landscape is more than half the battle.

●     Necessity of a Revised Strategy: Okay, let's cut to the chase—changing lanes requires a whole new playbook. Imagine you're in a football game, but suddenly, it turns into a chess match. Yep, that's different.

Action to Take:

Look within. What's nudging you to make this leap? List down your nurtured skills and how they could be your golden ticket in new settings. Trust me, you'll thank yourself when you’re wowing those top-tier decision-makers!

Recruitment Industry Limitations and Visibility for Career Transitions


These are all things which I also describe as “difficult moves”.


Not because you are difficult, but because when you want to make big moves, huge parts of the careers and recruitment industry become closed off to you.


And the significant element of this is the recruitment consultancy industry.

Let's face it: recruiters sometimes act like overzealous gardeners—always trying to prune you into some 'ideal' shape.These boxes can be stifling!

Here’s the insider scoop—industries likeFinance and Pharma can sometimes be as flexible as a steel rod. They want someone with “experience”.

But who says steel can't bend?

What to be aware of:

●     Recruitment Biases: Recruiters often miss the forest for the trees. But guess what? The recruitment world is dead!

●     Engaging Business Leaders: How do you shake off this confining label? Simple. Go to the people who get it. Industry leaders often look beyond CVs and see the real you—your aspirations, story, and potential.

●     Becoming Visible Without Spamming: LinkedIn isn't a fishing net to cast widely; it's more like a rod—be precise, be meaningful.

Action to Take:

Strategic networking is the name of the game. Think less is more; impactful connections with authentic engagement is worth a thousand casual LinkedIn connections.


The Entrepreneurial Angle: Crafting Your Transition


Lesson 1: Understand The Limitations of Recruitment Agencies

If you're targeting a transition across sectors or countries, realise that traditional recruitment channels might not be your best allies.

Research your targeted sectors and countries to understand the limitations of their recruitment strategies.

Lesson 2: Boost Your Network and Visibility—The LinkedIn Way!

Identify top companies in the sector or country you're interested in.

Connect with 50-60 key individuals in each of these companies on LinkedIn. Regularly engage with their posts to remain active in their feeds.

Lesson 3: Forget Vanity Metrics—Focus on Impactful Networking

You don't need a million likes or a viral post.

Sometimes, quiet, meaningful networking is more potent.

Engage in thoughtful conversations via direct messages. Aim for substantial, long-term relationships over superficial interactions.

Lesson 4: Become a Linguistic Chameleon

Every industry speaks its unique"language." To blend in, you must become fluent.

Follow thought leaders in that sector to understand the language better. Actively use this newfound vocabulary in your networking conversations and interviews.

Lesson 5: Beyond Networking—Knowledge Through Events

An expanded network will naturally expose you to industry events, online or offline. These events are full of specialised knowledge.

Participate actively and take notes.You'll not only learn but also get to network.

Lesson 6: The Recruitment World is Not the Be-All and End-All

Keep an open mind to alternative routes for career transitions, such as internal referrals, direct applications, or freelance gigs, to prove your worth initially.

Lesson 7: Mastering the Industry Culture (A Future Topic!)

Beyond language, every sector has its unique culture—another crucial element for smooth transitions.

For now, become aware that culture is a factor. Stay tuned for a more in-depth discussion!

It's all about immersion.

Learn the language, know the players, and become a part of the world you want to conquer.

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