A Guide to Choosing a New Career Path

Are you stuck in a career you picked early in life and no longer passionate about? Maybe you’re daily work life is an exercise in being miserable and unhappy. If so, you aren’t alone. It’s not uncommon to feel out of place in your career. Here at Careerships, we want everyone to find fulfilling work they enjoy so if your professional isn’t a good match anymore, it may be time to consider choosing a new career path.

Richard Edge
January 14, 2022

Here are some steps to help choose a new career path:

1. Perform a self-assessment.

Before you select the right career for you, you have to reflect on what you’re looking for, what you enjoy, your values, skills, interests, and goals. Use a self-assessment tool and online career tests to identify professions that may be a good match for your skill sets and preferences.

Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • What soft skills and technical skills do you possess?
  • What kind of work environment do you want to be in?
  • What are you interested in?
  • What kind of salary do you need to earn?

2. Research.

After using online career test and self-assessment tools to identify occupations that may work for you, it’s time to dive into the research. Make a list or spreadsheet, gather resources, take notes, and start narrowing down your list. YouTube videos like, “A Day in the Life of a _____”, interviews, and articles that share firsthand experiences are also great starting points. One thing you need to consider during your research is if you’ll need to retrain or get additional education. Learn what requirements are needed and develop a career action plan with the steps you need to make to reach your goals.

3. Find a career coach.

Career coaching is a growing industry that helps individuals understand their passions and how to turn them into a job. Consider working with a career coach or a recruiter to find a job that’s a good match. Careerships is here to help you make a career switch. We offer career coaching including our Career Transformation Package.

Transitioning or changing careers may leave you with some doubts. Is it too late to change jobs? Is moving across industries worth it? Are my skills transferable and valuable? Don't worry. Wherever you are in your career journey, it is never too late to get your dream job. Contact Careerships today.

All the best,

Richard Edge

CEO & Career Coach | Careerships

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