11-11: Happy Singles Day!

Whilst those in the UK commemorate Armistice Day, in other parts of the globe, the largest shopping event in the World takes place! When looking at an international career option it’s important to be aware of cultural differences, events and celebrations. So, what is Singles Day and why have you maybe not heard of it before? Read on to understand a little more about this global phenomenon.

Richard Edge
November 11, 2020

Happy Singles Day!


Singles Day began in the 1990’s in China and has now spread out across the region and to most other corners of the Globe! The shopping festival also known as Double 11 takes place on November 11th each year, chosen for the date’s abundance of single digits.


Ali Baba and Jack Ma!

For those of you that take a keen interest in being aware of some of the best business minds on the planet, you will be aware of Mr. Jack Ma, the inspirational now-former CEO of Ali Baba!


Some of my favourite quotes of his include:


“Once in your life, try something. Work hard at something. Try to change. Nothing bad can happen.”

“Only fools use their mouth to SPEAK. A smart man uses his BRAIN, and a wise man uses his HEART.”

“Today is hard. Tomorrow will be worse. But the day after tomorrow will be sunshine”.


It was his Alibaba company who took over the holiday in 2009 marketing it as a festival for singles to treat themselves with retail therapy and to celebrate who you are, your friends and your loved ones.




Last year, the 19th since its inception and the first since Jack Ma stepped down to focus on philanthropic ventures was the biggest yet. At a launch event featuring Ms. Taylor Swift and many other celebrities, more than $30.8 BILLION in sales was raked in within 16.5 hours of trading.  Little over $1 BILLION was traded in a little over one minute on Singles Day!




Covid19 has reached every corner of the globe. It’s been a challenging year for many that have been separated from important people in their lives. Many people have been affected, emotionally, physically and in many cases financially. Students have suffered with their exam results; entrepreneurs have struggled to stay afloat and executives who are used to not being asked “Are you OK?” have had to carry organisations and individuals on their own shoulders without their usual magic wand of being able to see into the future and reassure everyone. It’s been tough for many so there’s never been a more important time to invest in yourself or invest in those around you to move towards a brighter future.


To celebrate Singles Day 2020, Careerships is offering anyone in the Asia Pacific Region a HUGE discount of up to 55% on any Careerships coaching packages that they purchase.


If you are buying a package for yourself you can gain a 44% discount.


If you want to make a difference to someone you care about this Singles Day, then we will increase the offering and reduce the package by a further 11%, totaling a 55% discount.


Not one to discriminate we are also offering those in the US, Europe and Oceania a 33% discount this Singles Day!


The offer must be used by no later than Saturday 14th November using the promo code SinglesDay2020!


For more details about our packages check out www.careerships.com/packages and follow us on social media. For enquiries write to me at richard@careerships.com.

All the best,

Richard Edge

CEO & Career Coach | Careerships

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