Personalised Coaching Packages

Transform Your Career

We offer a range of coaching solutions from ad hoc (one-off sessions) to structured packages, all tailored to your needs and circumstance.

Ad Hoc Coaching (One-Off)


If you don't need a whole package, we offer 1-hour one-off coaching sessions via Zoom video call to assist you on your career transformation journey such as but not limited to:

  • Career Search Strategy
  • Job Application
  • CV / Resume Review
  • Interview Preparation

Be on top of your job search and enquire with our Career Coach today!

Interview Coaching


When it comes to landing a job, it's all about your interview performance. We will help you identify your competitive advantage based on your skills and articulate it in a way that is relevant to the role you are applying for.

Get this package if you need help with:

  • Overcoming Interview Fears
  • Highlighting Your Relevant Skills and Work Experience
  • Refining Your Elevator Pitch
  • Tackling The Hardest Interview Questions
  • Mastering the 3 Key Stages of an Interview, including the all-important "Close"

The Interview Coaching Package includes:

  • Two 75-minute Sessions via Zoom video call
  • Preliminary Chat and Mock Interview
  • Written Feedback
  • Follow-Up Action Plan

Enquire with our Career Coach today and ace your next interview!

Relationship Coaching


Relationship-building is the core of what we do at Careerships! You are as powerful as your network and the relationships you have. Are you utilising your network in the best possible way to achieve your career goals? Whether you're a young professional or a seasoned executive, we can help you nourish relationships within your network and navigate corporate politics to achieve a fulfilling career.

Get this package if you need help in developing your people skills:

  • Managing a team or department for the first time
  • Resolving conflict in the office
  • Engaging with stakeholders and securing their buy-in
  • Improving internal and/or external work relationships

The Relationship Coaching Package includes:

  • A Pre-Coaching Needs Assessment
  • Five (5) Sessions via Zoom video call
  • Psychological Analysis and Relationship Understanding of the people around you based on your subjective views
  • A Strategic Plan to demonstrate your true value at work and how to pitch it to your boss
  • A Follow-Up Action Plan to help you create even greater value at work, deliver beyond expectations, and accelerate your career
  • Unlimited Support via WhatsApp Message and Email for the duration of your Career Transformation Journey

Improve your relationships within your network for a fulfilling career. Enquire with our Career Coach today!

Total Career Transformation


Transitioning or changing careers may leave you with some doubts. Is it too late to change jobs? Is moving across industries worth it? Are my skills transferable and valuable? Don't worry. Wherever you are in your career journey, it is never too late to get your dream job.

Get this package if you need help with:

  • Getting Clarity on the best-fitting Career Path for you
  • Accessing the "Hidden" Job Market where all the best jobs are (recent studies show circa 80% of senior jobs fall into this category)
  • Establish your Life Mission and Reclaim your Core Values
  • Finding your "Area of Genius" at work and Demonstrating your Unique Selling Point (USP)
  • Getting your Confidence back
  • Market, Company and Stakeholder Research done on your behalf to ensure you are aware of all the best opportunities
  • Creating a Roadmap, Action Plan, and Continuous Support to find or create your Dream Job
  • Clearing all the Noise preventing you from being your Best Self at work and in life

The Total Career Transformation Package includes:

  • New Personalised CV / Resume
  • New LinkedIn Profile with a clear Personal Brand
  • Five (5) Sessions via Zoom video call on specific categories incorporating your CV / Resume and Personal Brand
  • Psychological Analysis and Relationship Understanding to ensure you fully utilise all your most deep-rooted skills to achieve your Career Goals
  • Unlimited Support via WhatsApp Message and Email for the duration of your Career Transformation Journey

Make the bold move to achieve your dream job. Enquire with our Career Coach today!

Executive Career Boost Programme


Thinking of making that next big leap in your career? Becoming an executive at a company does not happen overnight. It takes years of working hard, planning strategically, and understanding your Unique Selling Point (USP).

Get this package if the next 12 months is the time that you want to get everything ready for your next big leap.

The Executive Career Boost Programme includes:

  • Ten (10) Core One-on-One Sessions in-person (if in the UK) and/or a combination of phone calls and Zoom video calls
  • Total CV / Resume and LinkedIn Makeover
  • A Mock Interview with an analysis and feedback on body language and answers
  • Assistance with Writing and Editing Letters to Hiring Managers and Decision-Makers
  • Getting you a Higher Salary, Title, and/or Benefits through a proven process with scripts
  • Assessment of your Network and your Relationships with professionals and others in order to maximise your relationship skills and boost your career
  • Establishing your Life Mission and Aligning your Values with your Dream Job
  • Identifying a List of Companies that align with your Life Mission and Values
  • A Customised Personal and Professional Development Plan
  • Our Five Step Process to help you establish your exact Career Goals for the next 10+ years and the Path to achieve them
  • An In-Depth Research of the company, executive team, and culture and a Guide on Making an Informed Choice based on these
  • Proven Methodology (i.e. Tactics and Strategies) to ace your First 100 days on the job
  • Unlimited Support via WhatsApp Message and Email for the duration of your Career Transformation Journey
  • BONUS: The proven scripts used to negotiate two big salary increases for a client partner within 3 years leading to a 100% increase, plus a better position title and work-life balance

Be well-prepared for the next big leap in your career. Enquire with our Career Coach today!

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