Tailored Coaching Solutions

Coaching Based on Your Needs and Availability

Our tailored coaching solutions fall into five categories with rates and options customised to your needs and are designed around your availability. For more structured, long-term programmes, view our coaching packages.

Ad Hoc Coaching (One-Off)

If you don't require a whole package, we offer one-off coaching solutions to assist you on your career journey. Whether it be a career search strategy session, interview preparation, job application, or CV/ Resume review, our 1-hour coaching sessions are available to help you secure your dream job.

Coaching for High Potential Professionals

This is possibly the most important time in your career to partner with a Career Coach. Careerships has mentored Millennials and Generation Z professionals to fast-track their career from college and university onwards. Coaching includes the Art of Networking, Mastery of the Dark Arts, Influencing and Negotiating, the Skills of Managing Up and Down, and more key pillars of discourse that are required to succeed.

Coaching for Executives

Whether you need a safe space to unpick your next strategic concept or have issues with your fellow executives, having a confidential coach to discuss matters with and provide clarity can be highly beneficial to both you, your family and your business partners. The old adage of “It’s lonely at the top” need not be true if you engage in your own confidential executive coach. Gain clarity, unblock your mind, and reach for your next successful milestone.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial spirit is unique. However, there is no such thing in business as “stand alone” anymore. If you are trying to scale your business, promote your next key product, attract or retain the right talent to take your business to the next level, or having problems with your branding, we can help you. At Careerships, we have specific entrepreneurship coaches available that specialise in growth strategies, PR, branding, and financial management.

Coaching for Organisations

For leaders, staff and teams: Our coaches have a wealth of experience in maximising work relationships to ensure success, whether through conflict resolution, mediation or through blue sky thinking exercises. Our coaches can come on site to your business to work with your teams and ensure you maximise their potential.  

This can include:

1.    Individual and team coaching through business as usual or transition

2.    Career development and leadership development for your high-profile employees

3.    Away days and team-building

4.    Motivational workshops, seminars, and talks

5.    Redundancy and outplacement coaching

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